I've been toying around with different logo ideas for a while now. I'm right about ready to officially launch r/PronunciationStation. I had been playing around with different banners and logo ideas as I made the banner and I've decided to change around the Café Lingua logo. I'm going for a bit of a sleeker look combining the words café and lingua together to form one word separated by the color and thickness of the font. I've also changed the primary logo to feature a mug featuring the character instead of a speech bubble with an L. The represents language because it can mean sentence or character and is used in a lot of language icons such as the Google Translate logo.

However, as you can tell from looking at my original banner idea with a modified logo and my current logo idea, you can see that I've added a speech bubble behind the mug with the letter a. That way I can emphasize both the café part and the language parts while emphasizing discourse.

You can see a few my previous iterations of the logo design as well, which used the color brown to go along with the coffee theme. However, the black and white look is a lot sleeker and professional to me and I like that I can now finally incorporate the mug into the logo, while still signifying that my business is related to language.

Along with playing around with the new logo, I've been working on setting up r/PronunciationStation. The subreddit is just about finished.

  1. I created the banner and changed the colors.
  2. I've set up the post flairs.
  3. I set up the Community Guidelines and linked to them.

Now I need to create a short introductory video on the official Café Lingua YouTube channel to briefly explain how to use the subreddit and we'll be good to launch.