The easiest way to innovate these days seems to be the trend of taking an ordinary household item and turning it into a "Smart" item. There are smartphones, SmartBoards, and smart homes. Well, since I've just moved in with my wife, we've been looking for new mattresses.

I tend to be really cold during the day, but get extremely hot in my sleep, so I began looking for mattresses with temperature control. I came across a mattress called The Pod by Eight Sleep, which is considered a smart mattress.

The Pod by Eight Sleep appears to be similar to some Sleep-Number and Tempur-Pedic models, but The Pod comes at a much cheaper price. The Queen size Pod is $2,195 and features temperature control technology allowing for heating or cooling on two sides of the bed. The smart technology also allows for it to adjust to the person sleeping to better fit their body temperature and sleeping habits. There are also other neat features such as a thermo-alarm that wakes you using heat rather than sound.

The only feature that I see lacking from The Pod compared to some other luxury mattress models is the ability to adjust the tilt of the head. I know I sleep far better at an angle. However, based on everything I looked at so far, I think this will likely be our next mattress purchase.