Life is still crazy. The wedding is over and I know that both Jin and my spirits have been lifted. Yet, our life is still crazy because of the million and one to-do's left.

We're headed out to China tomorrow and yet I've been rushing to complete r/PronunciationStation so that I had something to show for myself. Ever since my wrongful termination with DoDEA, I continue to feel like I've lost my sense of purpose. Jin is extremely generous and takes good care of me, but I feel like I need to be an equal contributor to this household beyond just occasional cooking and cleaning. I'll continue to work more on Café Lingua when I come back. My plan is to begin creating some initial merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs in order to raise some initial capital to be able to fund my much larger project, which is building the actual café. I also need to do some finishing touches on the actual community message board because there are a few issues with the theme that I've chosen. I've fixed most of the errors and changed the theme to fit our brand, but there are still a few more things that need to be fixed before I feel comfortable releasing it into the wild. I've also begun posting language memes on the Café Lingua Facebook page to hopefully attract attention from people and maybe pull in a few more followers before I begin fundraising for the physical café.

I also have to pickup my suit, write thank you cards, pack for China, do laundry, and pay the bills.

I've also got to get started on my Johns Hopkins homework soon. I was granted an extension due to the stress, lack of focus, and the amount of time exhausted by fighting DoDEA on their administrative misconduct. However, time is quickly running out. It's hard to know what to prioritize since everything seems important.

I also realized that my website classLinQ has been down for the past little while as well. I have too many interests and too many commitments and it's difficult to keep things straight. I would much rather be working on my business and contribute more equally to our household, but I can't put off Johns Hopkins any longer.

Oh and you can be sure that I'll be watching Andrew Yang on the debate stage tonight as he goes head-to-head against many of the Democratic Party's top candidates including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg.

Andrew Yang also has by far the funniest twitter of all the candidates. You can tell he's been prepping for the debates.