It's currently 4:57 AM. I woke up earlier this morning and I decided not to just go back to sleep. I'm not sure how much I actually slept, but probably roughly 4-5 hours, which is terrible. But, I'm going to see if I can force my body to start getting to sleep at a better time.

Last night I made some edits to my plan to finish Johns Hopkins work by the 31st of August. I'm going to take a look again this morning at some of the different assignments and create a more concrete plan as to how I'll break down different assignments in order to finish on time.

While, I'm still feeling overwhelmed, I received news yesterday that has made me hopeful for the future. I can't quite reveal what that news is, but it's changed my perspective of where I'm at and where I'm going.

I have a desire to get more financially stable to prepare for my future. I think even more than financial stability, I crave focus and organization in my life. Once I feel sorted, life will be so much easier to navigate. No longer will I have to stop and overanalyze each decision I make. I can instead have an action plan that minimizes my reaction time.

Entering the Age of Polyglots

I also watched this video today called "Entering the Age of Polyglots."

This video scares me a bit, but also gives me hope. I realize with Café Lingua I have a monumental task to complete and I have plenty of competition. But then again, my concept is unique enough to stand out from the crowd. This video can also be looked through at a positive lens showing how popular languages are becoming. The fact that we could be entering an age where polyglotism is the norm means that my café could gain new interest in the future. Sure, it will be easier to learn languages in the future, but that also means the interest in languages will continue to grow in the future.

So... what will be different about today?

Anyways, back to my day. In order to take advantage of this reinvigoration restored through new hope, I will be doing an hour of language study today. I will be finally tackling some more of my Hopkins homework and more concretely sorting through what needs to be completed first. I will go to the ENT today and I will schedule the remaining of my doctors' appointments. And finally, tonight I have a Spanish class in Bethesda.

Another day is here and I'm ready to cease it!