I just wanted to quickly share about another cool find called the Amazon Echo Auto. This product is better for older cars that either lack bluetooth capabilities and/or smart car features.

I have a 2009 Toyota Prius that I inherited from my parents after moving back to the US. I initially told them I was going to learn to ride a motorcycle to save money and that's when I was gifted the Prius. I guess my parents got worried.

Anyways, the 2009 Prius has bluetooth capabilities but only for calling. However, by plugging in the Amazon Echo Auto into the aux port, I can now play music from my car speakers via bluetooth.

I've only tested it for a couple days, but I've had some issues with Alexa actually responding to my commands. It will make the noise to show that it's listening, but it will freeze up. However, I'm guessing this might have more to do with my phone than with the Echo Auto.

It's on sale now for $24.99 but you need to request an invitation for early access. Afterwards the price will jump to $49.99. Even if at the moment all my Echo Auto does is give me bluetooth functionality, for $24.99, that's not too shabby. Hopefully I can get the other features working soon enough. Grab your Echo Auto today!